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Feature film / In development / Fiction

"Life without fiction" is a novel without an ending because its author dies suddenly. Lucas, his son, finds the draft and manages to publish it. The book becomes a bestseller.
This nine-character film for three actors presents intertwined stories: a group of friends trying to make a documentary about their impressions of the book, an actress

who is filming a movie based on the novel is reunited with his brother and Lucas tries to finish his new play in a cabin facing the sea. Ghosts, imitations of Sandro, online games and fiction as the only possible truth in the face of death.

Film adaptation of the homonymous play by Francisco Lumerman.

Encouragement Award for the creation and production of Performing Arts of the CTBA.

Premiered in October 2022.

Cast Francisco Lumerman, Rosario Varela, Esteban Masturini.

Director Nadia Benedicto

Production María José Freire

Text Francisco Lumerman

Adaptation Nadia Benedicto

Country Argentina 
Estimated Duration 100 minutes 
Color - 4K 

Produced by Águila Cine



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