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2016 / Drama - LGBTIQ+ / 80 min. / Argentina 

Sofia has just separated and takes her daughters to a town by the sea. Each one in their universe live this moment as a challenge to find themselves, free themselves and face their fears.

Cast Leticia Mazur, Sofía del Tuffo, Lucía Frittayón, Patricio Aramburu, Lucía Aráoz de Cea, Facundo Perna Gutiérrez and Lucas Perna Gutiérrez.

Script, Direction and Executive Production Nadia Benedicto

Production Leonor García Vercillo, Roxy Ruzzante y Nadia Benedicto

Photography Director Matías Quinzio

Art Director Flor Penélope Núñez

Costumes and Make up Mariángeles Gelosi

Sound Martín Galimany

Editor Sabrina Gazzaneo

Music Wolly von Foerster

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2017 - Best Director - 13º Rengo International Film Festival - Chile.

2017 - Best Director - 4º Festival Al Este del Plata, Latin American Competition - Bs. As. - Argentina.

2017 -  Jury´s Special Mention - 1º Festival Nacional de Cine Luz del Desierto - Roque Pérez - Argentina.

2016 - Best Director First Feature Award and Special Mention - Art Non Stop Film Festival - Argentina.

2016 - Audience Award - 4º CINEFEM, International Women's Film Festival - Uruguay.


2019 - 3º International Festival of Femmes Films - Tunis.

2018 - 22º MixMéxico - Festival of Sexual Diversity in Film and Video - Mexico.

2018 - 9º East of Lima Film Festival - Al mundo Section - Peru.

2017 - 66º International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg - International Competition, Germany.

2017 - 2º LOVE International LGBT + Film Festival - Asterisco´s Focus - Santiago de Chile.

2017 - 3º León International Film Festival - Official Selection - Guanajuato - Mexico.

2017 - 4º Dona i Cinema Festival - Valencia - Spain.

2016 - 3º International LGBTIQ Asterisco Film Festival - Official Selection - Buenos Aires - Argentina.

2016 - 5º Leonardo Favio National Film Festival - Official Section - Bolívar - Argentina.

2016 - 9º Cine del Mar Festival - Punta del Este - Uruguay.

2016 - 22º Mostra de Cinema Llatinoamericà de Catalunya - Official Section - Lleida - Spain.

2016 - 19º Punta del Este International Film Festiva - New Looks Section - Uruguay.

2016 - 31º Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Official Competition - Spanish and Latinamerican Films - California - United States.


2020 - Violet Glasses Cycle in India, INCAA together with Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation and the Argentine Embassy in India.

2018 - Total Femmes Filmtour, Eksytent Distribution, Germany.

2018 ​- Opera Prima Film Series, Haroldo Conti Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2017 - M: cine por nosotras, La Plata, Argentina - Opening film.

2017 - Women of cinema, Neuquén, Argentina - Opening film.

2017 - 24 x second, Independent Film Series, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2016 - 11º National Festival Pizza, Birra y Cortos, Gálvez, Argentina - Opening film.




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"The last circle is the release of each one and everything shines there: the script, the performances, the photography, the music. The direction, anyway". 

Gabriela Cabezon Camara /I AM Supplement - Page 12

"Beyond the particularities, these three women show or represent many others, which is why it is very interesting that each one finds the liberation of herself."

Melody San Luis / funcinema



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