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2021 / Thriller - LGBTIQ+  / 77 min. / Argentina

We're in the middle of nowhere with my almost-dead boyfriend in there. That’s how you call that piece of shit? Helena and Kira argue on the side of the road. No destination in mind, no plan to follow. The journey unfolds kilometer by kilometer; a journey that soon becomes a ritual.


Cast Sabrina Macchi, Rosario Varela, Federico Liss and Julieta Brito.

​Script, Direction and Executive Production Nadia Benedicto

Production Leonor García Vercillo 

Photography Director Cecilia Tasso 

Art Director Flor Penélope Núñez

Editing Sabrina Gazzaneo

Original Music Lucy Patané

Sound Design Virginia Scaro and Gonzalo Komel

Sound Marilina Giménez 

Costumes Mariángeles Gelosi 

Make up and Hair Style Lola Masip

Director´s Assistant and Casting Lucila Frank

Graphics and Poster Diego Cinalli

Watch it on Vimeo

Watch it on Riivi (Only available in Chile)


2023 - Best Cinematography - ADF Award - 4th Hurlingham Film Festival - Argentina

2023 - Best Edition - Lujan Film Festival - Argentina

2023 - Best Original Soundtrack - Mercedes Sosa Awards - Tucumán, Argentina

2022 - Best Film - 46th Atlanta Film Festival - USA / Academy Award®- Qualifying

2022 - Best Film - 2nd Dissident Film Festival - Guatemala

2022 - Best Cinematography - ADF Award - 4th FICE Ensenada International Film Festival - Argentina

2021 - Best Film - 23º Cinema las Americas International Film Festival - USA

2021 - Best Photography - 9th FAB Audiovisual Festival Bariloche - Argentina

2021 - Special Mention - 5th Luz del Desierto International Film Festival - Argentina


2023 - 4th Hurlingham Film Festival - Argentina

2023 - 2nd Lujan Film Festival - Argentina

2022 - 25th Ícaro International Film Festival in Central America - Guatemala

2022 - 2nd Dissident Film Festival - Guatemala 

2022 - 4th FICAB Almirante Brown International Film Festival - Guest Film - Argentina

2022 - 2nd MUMA Fest - International Audiovisual Festival of Women and Dissidents of Patagonia - Bariloche, Argentina

2022 - 8th MIRA Independent Latin American Film Festival - Bonn, Germany

2022 - 9th Leonardo Favio National Film Festival - Bolívar, Argentina 

2022 - 16th International Film Festival on Sexual and Gender Diversity - Llamale H - Montevideo, Uruguay

2022 - 4th FICE Ensenada International Film Festival - Argentina

2022 - 7th Chascomús Film Festival - Argentina

2022 - 6th MifVif Maracay International Film and Video Festival - Venezuela

2022 - 31st Woods Hole Film Festival - Massachusetts, USA 

2022 - 3rd Soho Horror Pride Film Festival - UK

2022 - 46th Atlanta Film Festival - USA

2022 - 9th MAFICI - Puerto Madryn International Film Festival - Argentina

2021 - 8th Asterisk International LGBTIQ+ Film Festival - Argentina

2021 - 5th Luz del Desierto International Film Festival - Argentina

2021 - 13th San Francisco Latino Film Festival - USA

2021 - 6th FNCA Nicaraguan Film and Audiovisual Festival of the National Cinematheque of Nicaragua

2021 - 9th FAB Audiovisual Festival Bariloche - Argentina

2021 - 23rd Cine las Americas International Film Festival - Austin - USA.


2023 - Cinema and Diversity - Virtual Billboard of the Cinephile Community.
2023 - Love on the Run Cycle. Asterisk Festival at the Recoleta Cultural Center. Curated by Diego Trerotola.

2023 - Recent Argentine Film Series at the Haroldo Conti Cultural Center.
2022 - Women and Dissidence Film Series. Transfeminist billboard at Cineclub Municipal Hugo del Carril, Córdoba, Argentina.
2022 - 35
th Plurinational Meeting of Women and Dissidence in San Luis, Argentina. Representing Transfeminist Billboard in conjunction with Gafas Violetas INCAA.
2022 - Cineclub Lucero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2022 - José Ingenieros Popular Library, Carlos Casares, Argentina. Film declared of municipal interest.
2022 - And set her free. Contemporary Feature Films Cycle. Kirchner Cultural Center.


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Original Music

Listen to the Soundtrack x Lucy Patané


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