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2024 / Video clip / Super 8 mm / 3 min. / Argentina

From the wetland of disgust and curiosity a small bubble of mud is born:
It's a memory of the future
It is an archive of something dreamed from back to front
It is a lucky piece of paper that says:
"Song, do something to us!"
With ours, meanwhile, we are putting things together:
an amphibious step, an unusual and common nape
a slow dance that is danced in threes...

Performers: Paula Trama, Fede Fragalá, Ariel Chisleanschi
Movement direction and choreography: Paula Caldirola
Creative collaboration: Federico Castellón Arrieta and The Kisses
Image and Costume Design: Federico Castellón Arrieta
Makeup and hair: Rocío Marrodan
Still photo: Maru Rasdolsky
Catering: Victor Rallis
Logistics against catastrophes: Sebastian Rey
Development and transfer: Rainbow
MGMT: Catalina Bean
Edition: Malena Gala
Photography Direction and Color Correction: Cecilia Tasso
Production: Dante Fragola
Script and direction: Nadia Benedicto


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