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2022 / Theater / 90 min. / Argentina


"Life without fiction" is a novel without an end because its author dies suddenly. Lucas, his son, finds the draft and manages to publish it. The book becomes a bestseller. This play of nine characters for three actors presents intersecting stories: a group of friends tries to film a documentary about their impressions of the book, an actress who is filming a film based on the novel reunites with her brother and Lucas tries to finish his new work theater in a cabin facing the sea. Ghosts, Sandro imitations, online games and fictions as the only possible truth in the face of death.

Winning work of the Stimulus Award for independent production from the Buenos Aires Theater Complex.

Winning work of the FIESTA CABA of the National Theater Institute 2023, participating in the 37th National Theater Festival of Catamarca/La Rioja.

Work selected to participate in the Argentine Festival of Performing Arts - Santa Fe, 2023

Rosario Varela nominated for the María Guerrero 2022 awards for her leading performance in the play.

Ricardo Sica winner of the Trinidad Guevara 2022 award and nominated for the María Guerrero 2022 awards for the lighting design of the work.

Micaela Sleigh winner of the María Guerrero 2022 award for the set design of the play.

Nadia Benedicto nominated for the María Guerrero 2022 awards for the audiovisual / multimedia production of the work.

It is a co-production of MOSCOW THEATER.

Dramaturgy: Francisco Lumerman

Starring: Esteban Masturini/Ignacio Gracia, Francisco Lumerman, Rosario Varela

Movement: Manuel Attwell

Costumes: Betiana Temkin

Scenography: Micaela Sleigh

Lighting: Ricardo Sica

Costume creation: Florencia M. Tutusaus

Audiovisuals: Nadia Benedicto

Original music: Agustín Lumerman

3d design: Mantrixa

Photography: Laura Mastroscello

Graphic design: Laura Tavacca

Set design assistance: Guadalupe Borrajo

Directing assistance: Manon Minetti

Scene Assistance: David Subi

Press: Carolina Alfonso

Executive production: Zoilo Garcés

Direction of actors: Jorge Eiro

Director: Francisco Lumerman

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